Check periodic inspection dates

Be sure that the equipment the hospital uses is approved for use

Timely execution of medical equipment inspections is a key, from a safety perspective, element of supervision and maintenance of resources. Appmedica reminds, monitors and sends notifications so as to effectively plan such orders and prevent situations of failure to perform the inspection.

Notes, Excel, Appmedica

What Excel was to the notebook, Appmedica is to Excel. Forget about complicated spreadsheets where one mistake in a formula “blows up” everything, and where creating advanced relations between data is more difficult than climbing K2 in winter. Switch to the best form of managing this data in Appmedica.

Calibrations, tests, field tests

Define any type of periodic activity and assign it to individual devices or in groups according to its type. Each device can be assigned an unlimited number of periodic actions, repeated with different frequency.

Guarantee, post-guarantee, according to contracts

You no longer have to remember when and what action should be performed on a particular device. Thanks to alerts in Appmedice and e-mail notifications, you receive all information in good time.

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