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Our working environment is all about diversity. We focus on the success of all our employees and are committed to hiring, developing and retaining talent. We value a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. We foster an open culture and respect private time. At the same time, by working with us you have the opportunity to get to know the Polish healthcare environment ‘behind the scenes’ and discover the ins and outs of how hospitals and clinics operate. In this way, together with the other members of the team, you can introduce innovative solutions, making our service and products more effective.

Additional benefits

Sport package

We believe that in a healthy body, a healthy spirit. And in a healthy spirit, healthy ideas.

Private Medical Care Package

By working with us, you will have access to care from the largest medical services providers

Flexible working hours

Work the hours you are comfortable with.

Any equipment you want

Are you used to a certain type of equipment? No problem!

Open recruitments

IT Solutions Sales Manager


Project Manager

Warsaw or Remote (CET -/+ 2h time zone)

Senior Frontend Developer

Warsaw or Remote (CET -/+ 2h time zone)

Business Analyst

Warsaw or Remote (CET -/+ 2h time zone)

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