Online breakdown reporting

Let user easily create breakdowns and other issues reports

You no longer have to wonder how many times a device has been repaired or serviced. In Appmedica, every user can create a request for a specific piece of equipment very quickly. Automatically changing statuses allow you to keep track of the progress of tasks and repairs.

Not only for technical users

Appmedica is not a system dedicated only to the technical department. The simplicity of operation allows nurses on the wards or doctors to add notifications concerning a given asset.

Changing statuses

The status of the request changes automatically and gives feedback to the requesting user on what is happening with the request and at what stage. Thanks to the colour version, you don’t even have to check the details, you can immediately see the stage of completion of your request.

Stay up to date

Built-in e-mail templates, allow you to send automatic information about emerging and changing statuses of requests – you don’t even have to be logged into the system to keep track of information about requests.

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