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Tasks and work orders

Organize the work of the team and external companies

Dozen of inspection, repairs, calibration every day – this is a biomedical engineering team routine. Knowing that problems we ‘ve created a tool for a comprehensive managing tasks and work orders both for external service provides and internal service team. With Appmedica you can create and send a request for quotation, as well as you automatically generate a related work order. You can attach files, link an invoice and you can easy settle the costs of a related service contract. With our system you can plan, execute and report all the maintenance and service activities, what is very difficult in large hospitals having thousands of assets.

Document template database

Forget about spending long hours preparing documentation. Appmedica allows you to build a database of your own document templates/letters/notices. Thanks to this, you can automatically generate a printout of an enquiry, demand or order.

Save time and money

You no longer need to print tons of documents. Thanks to the built-in electronic signature mechanism, documents can be quickly and easily accepted and signed directly in the system.

You don’t have to remember everything

Appmedici’s main task is to make your life easier, so the system will send you a notification about a change in the status of a task, help you schedule service orders, remind you of an upcoming service technician visit.

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