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RTLS solutions

Locate your resources

appmedica systemy RFID i BLE do geolokalizacja

RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) means identification by means of radio waves. Using this technology, we are able to transmit and read the data of an asset and, most interestingly, track the asset as it moves within the walls of your medical facility. When we talk about resources, we mean material resources such as equipment, medical apparatus, IT equipment, vehicles and all other movable property. We also distinguish between personal resources, understood as the staff of the medical entity, its patients and visitors.

appmedica systemy RFID i BLE do geolokalizacja

Get actual real time location of assets and people

Save time in locating the resource for:

  1. medical personnel,
  2. service technicians, both internal and external,
  3. inventory workers.

You will be sure that the equipment is used in the right locations.

Enhance the security of your entity

  • Locate the patient quickly;
  • Be confident that the equipment has not left the walls of your facility;
  • In an era of pandemics and cross-infection, know the path your patients and facility staff have taken.
  • Keep up to date!
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