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Identify cost-intensive areas and optimise spending

Appmedica - identyfikuj koszty

Appmedica allows you to assign costs to individual tasks, but it can also do much more. Thanks to a built-in reports module, it also allows you to present this data in any way you want, in the form of statistics and reports or convenient charts.

Appmedica - identyfikuj koszty

Register of invoices

Add invoices to your tasks and the system itself will assign them to devices and create a convenient register that can be easily searched. In Appmedice, all registers can be exported to Excel or pdf, make quick summaries and their summaries.

Service reports

Every device in the system has a full service history. You can quickly see what work has been carried out on a particular device and exactly how much it cost.

Cost reports

Do you need a quick overview of your medical equipment maintenance costs from the last month/quarter/year? Appmedica has a built-in reports module that will generate the information you are looking for in just a few moments.

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