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Records of contracts

Have access to contracts, contracted work, their use and conditions

Appmedica - CMMS for hospitals - easy managing service contracts

Appmedica allows you to record contracts, assign devices, companies, tasks and invoices to them. The system will also check the duration of the contract for you and alert you when it is about to end.

Appmedica - CMMS for hospitals - easy managing service contracts

Service, purchase, lease, framework agreements

Clearly divided by type of contract, you don’t have to wonder what services a particular contract is for, and searching for them is even easier.

Amount, lump sum, mixed

Appmedica will categorise contracts according to the way they are billed. The system will take care of cost accounting for you and will allow you to determine the level of utilisation of a given contract.

Utilisation rate

All the functionalities of our system are interlinked. In this way, you can always see whether a particular piece of equipment is covered by a contract and the costs it generates are automatically deducted from it.

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