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Effectively manage hardware and software

Automate the management
of periodic hardware and
software maintenance

No matter how much hardware, software or licenses you have, AppMedica helps you manage all your data in a clear and convenient way. Inspections, repairs, requests, budgeting, all in one convenient interface . In one place, information about licences, entitlements, assigned equipment and access possibilities. Full control over service and maintenance of IT equipment. All this with intuitive operation, adjusted to the individual needs of a given medical unit, both in the web browser version and mobile application.

IT hardware and software module

Key functions of the IT hardware and software module

  • Comprehensive hardware and software management
  • Powerful search engine for searching hardware and software
  • Complete information about applications, licences and permissions in one intuitive interface
  • Possibility of adding any attachments
  • Tools for reporting failures and service needs, also through a dedicated mobile application
  • Dedicated allocation of user rights
  • Create your own document templates
  • Group maintenance work orders, group invoice settlements
  • Budgeting of planned activities
  • Records of purchase, service and lease contracts
  • QR barcode support
  • Records of working time and materials used by in-house service technicians
  • Creation of advanced reports with graphical visualisation
  • Reporting of equipment failures and downtime, and software shutdowns
  • Integration with external systems
  • Configurable system appearance
  • Many other functions

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See the benefits of implementing AppMedica in the area of IT and software

Make sure your licences are up to date

AppMedica keeps an eye on license expiry dates for you to make sure the equipment you are working on is approved for use.

Get convenient access to all your software and IT hardware data

All data in one place with a comfortable intuitive interface. You can easily search for a device and access all documentation and interventions related to it.

Locate and reduce the most costly areas

Appmedica provides all kinds of reports. You can easily obtain information about the costs of equipment, branches, companies, term units, etc., over any period of use.

Receive quotes, protocols from service companies directly in the app

In AppMedice you will create, deliver and collect all documentation related to service, maintenance or replacement of IT equipment.

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