Facilities and infrastructure module

Comprehensively manage your unit’s facilities and infrastructure

CMMS for hospitals - Appmedica - manage Building and infrastructure in hospitals

Appmedica organizes the management of data on properties and their accompanying infrastructure, monitoring all periodic activity dates, with an indication of the physical location. The system allows work to be planned for individual teams according to their specialization and provides information and reports on the activities carried out. Complete information about properties and installations and all documentation is easily accessible in one place. Management of buildings (inspections, breakdowns, notifications) and equipment (lighting, installations, lifts, fire extinguishers, etc.) is simpler and more efficient.

CMMS for hospitals - Appmedica - manage Building and infrastructure in hospitals

Take infrastructure management to the next level

Key functions of the buildings and infrastructure module

  • Comprehensive information on planned inspections of buildings and equipment
  • Monitoring of installation service dates
  • Extensive search engine for equipment and installations
  • Possibility of adding any attachments relating to equipment and buildings, including photos of the interior and exterior of buildings
  • Tools for reporting failures and service needs, also through a dedicated mobile application
  • Group maintenance work orders, group invoice settlements
  • Records of purchase, service and lease contracts
  • QR barcode support
  • A module for on-hand storage of equipment (e.g. fire extinguishers), consumables (e.g. lighting) and parts and tools
  • Records of working time and materials used by in-house service technicians
  • Planning of working time for individual teams according to their specialisation
  • Creation of advanced reports with graphical visualisation
  • Reporting of equipment failures and downtime
  • Configurable system appearance
  • In addition, many other functions

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See the benefits of implementing AppMedica in the area of buildings and infrastructure

Be sure that all inspection and service dates are up to date.

AppMedica keeps an eye on your inspection dates to ensure that the equipment you are working on is approved for use

Gain convenient access to all data on your buildings and infrastructure

All data in one place with a comfortable intuitive interface. In a very simple way you will find a device, get to full documentation and interventions related to it.

Locate and reduce the most costly areas

Appmedica provides all kinds of reports. You can easily obtain information about the costs of equipment, branches, companies, units, the timeliness of maintenance, etc., during any period of use.

Locate and reduce the most costly areas

In AppMedice you can create, deliver and receive full documentation related to servicing, inspection or replacement of medical equipment

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