Convenient and effective inventory using QR codes or RFID

Appmedica is a system that combines a number of functionalities related to hospital assets. In addition to device and software management, it also enables their inventory. It allows for planning and performing inventory, determining surpluses or shortages and comparing inventory effects to the records. You can do it using our mobile app that could scan barcodes, QR codes and RFID tags to minimize the time needed to scan thousands of hospital’s assets.

Plan people’s work and define their tasks

Appmedica allows you to plan the duration of the inventory, define the inventory areas, assign the team responsible for carrying out the inventory and assign them tasks.

QR and barcodes

To make stocktaking even simpler, the system allows the generation of QR or barcodes. You gain a double benefit here, after marking the devices with them, you not only speed up the inventory but also the creation of reports.

Nowoczesna technologia jest z nami

QR codes are not enough for you? We also work with RFID technology, thanks to which stocktaking does not take weeks, but hours.

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