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Reports and inspections

Get the data you need to make right decisions

An extensive reporting module allows you to generate any statement in a few moments. No more spending long days or even weeks preparing data on costs and equipment.

What the management likes the best

(or doesn’t like) that is cost reports. Do you want to know how much it costs to maintain the devices serviced by a particular Contractor, or maybe you need to compare device expenses by category? In Appmedice you will do it with a few clicks.

Not only costs

Reports in Appmedica contain much more than only costs. You can easily generate information about tasks ordered by departments or failures registered in particular months, number of equipment and many others.

Convenient form

If you are tired of viewing information in the form of tables and lists, Appmedica will generate a report for you in graphical form. Clear graphs will be a perfect solution for you.

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