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Protocols, instructions, files

Have all necessary
documents at hand

Appmedica: a CMMS for hospitals - files and attachments

From now on, you can have all your documents for a particular device in one place: photos, manuals, passports, protocols, offers – searching for information has never been easier!

Appmedica: a CMMS for hospitals - files and attachments

Control access

Appmedica allows you to restrict access for particular user groups to particular types of documents. This way, you do not have to worry that important documents, contracts or invoices, will be available for unauthorised people.

Simplicity of addition

Upload from disk, drag, scan. Choose the most convenient way to add files to your system and do it quickly and easily.

Multi-format support

Forget about converting files to the required format. The type of document or its size are not a problem. Appmedica supports not only pdf files but also jpg, png, csv, xml, txt, or Excel files.

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