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Warehouse and parts

Monitor the use of spare parts and consumables

Do you need a spare part for your machine? Nothing simpler, thanks to the built-in warehouse and spare parts module, you can easily find and order the part you are looking for.

Parts catalogue

Thanks to the division into medical and technical parts, you can easily add or select the part you are interested in. To make your search even easier, the parts are assigned to medical equipment categories.

List of demands

All requests submitted by users are in one place. The register can be searched in any way you like and the statuses give you a colourful overview of which requests are at which stage of completion.

Not sure where what “went”?

Appmedica will collect this information and present it in a convenient register. Now you can easily check the connection of a part with a request, with a department and with the type of activity to which it refers (collection/transfer to warehouse).

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