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For service companies

Help your company with order management and documentation.

Enter a new level of cooperation with your clients and expand your possibilities. Optimize service management processes and documentation. Have constant and director contact with the users of equipment. Receive orders online and professionally react to the needs of clients. With Appmedica you will receive access to inquiries, to new clients, the ability to browse upcoming maintenance overviews and repair jobs. If you are in the hospital’s database you will receive the repair order at the moment of its creation. Quickly react and plan service activities. You will receive full information about breakdowns from equipment usufactories. After finishing the repair you will receive a quick confirmation of full documentation of the service activity.

Appmedica connects hospitals with service providers

Service, distributor

Appmedica eases the management of inquiries from hospitals or clinics by distributors and service providers by making it possible for clear information exchange

Hospital, clinic

Experience quick confirmation of technical overview documentation

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Find out the benefits of implementing Appmedica in your company

Always be on time and react in advance to upcoming needs

With AppMedica you get access to inquiries and to new clients. You will accept applications online and professionally react to your client’s problems.

Gain convenient access to all data relating to your medical equipment.

With AppMedica, you have the ability to view upcoming inspections and services and respond immediately to fault reports from the appliance user.

Locate and reduce the most costly areas.

With AppMedica you will shorten the response time to a breakdown, prepare an order for expendable parts. You can also easily analyse expenses in any time perspective related to a device, a customer or another company.

Send offers, protocols and communicate with clients

In AppMedica, you will automatically prepare and send a set of the necessary pre- and post-service requests and simplify the flow of approved documentation with the customer.

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