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For hospitals

Appmedica is a comprehensive set of tools for managing healthcare providers’ equipment and infrastructure

Appmedica is oriented towards functional and institutional recording of assets and related documents. The system also takes care of timeliness of reviews and enables management of tasks – repairs, reviews, diagnoses – but also offers a significant number of functional solutions, created in cooperation with employees of several dozen Polish hospitals. Our partners focus on the safety of managing medical equipment used for diagnosing and treating patients. They choose a professional control tool in infrastructure management.

See how Appmedica supports specific needs in different areas

For the biomedical engineering department

Medical devices management software

Appmedica fully organizes the work of medical equipment department.
Regardless of the number of employees in the department – whether it is a large, multi-person team or one independent post – our software supports the supervision of the equipment, setting the standard for data management according to a specific process. It is possible thanks to specific tools, which were created in the software especially for medical equipment – starting from the type of data typical for medical assets, through functional features reporting of equipment downtime to tools for cost analysis and settlement of complicated service contracts.

Medical devices management software
CMMS for hospitals - Appmedica - manage Building and infrastructure in hospitals

For technical department

CMMS for hospitals - Appmedica - manage Building and infrastructure in hospitals

The module allows for keeping a register of buildings with all the necessary information, such as their dimensions or cubic capacity.
It has a possibility of assigning rooms and technical installations located in the building to equipment, with the possibility of filtering it, separately for medical apparatus and other categories of equipment. The module contains records of rooms located in a given building with information about their dimensions, types of lighting, floors, etc. All data concerning assets in this area with a function of keeping a full register of repairs and inspections together with their costs.

For IT department

CMMS for hospitals - Appmedica - Modul for the IT department

IT module of Appmedica is a comprehensive tool supporting a team responsible for hardware, software and IT infrastructure in hospitals – it helps to manage data about licenses, permissions, assigned software and access possibilities. It ensures full control over hardware and software service and maintenance.

CMMS for hospitals - Appmedica - Modul for the IT department

For fleet managing department

Appmedica has a dedicated module for vehicle fleet management. The module is dedicated to the industry, which means that people managing this area receive all the tools to record vehicles and related equipment (for example in the case of ambulances). As in the case of other Appmedica system modules, the vehicles module cooperates with the contracts and invoices modules.

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