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Keep up to date with all periodic activities

Check all inspections: ventilation, fire, electrical and others

Appmedica organises the management of data on real estate and accompanying infrastructure, monitoring all periodic activity dates, with an indication of the physical location. The system allows work to be planned for individual teams according to their specialisation.

All inspections in one place

In Appmedica, you have access to performed and planned periodic actions. You can easily find out what has been done in recent years and what needs to be done in the future.

Quickly localize the asset to be inspected

Have a lift inspection scheduled? You don’t have to wonder which lift is involved. Appmedica allows you to assign infrastructure to its physical location.

Guarantee, post-guarantee, service contracts

Appmedica lets you track the guarantees and contracts. It will remind you about the upcoming inspections of e.g. electrical installation and will allow you to schedule them and assign the correct way of settlement.

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